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    Denver, CO
  • Delta Eta Boulé Foundation

    Denver, CO
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Sigma Pi Phi, also known as “The Boulé,” is the first African American Greek-lettered fraternity. It was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1904 by a small group of black professionals. Their purpose was to provide a social outlet for black men of distinction, who at that time in history were largely excluded from participating in white professional and social organizations. Today, the Fraternity not only fulfills its original social intent, but also has a focus on the betterment of human conditions through philanthropy and impacts to national policies.


The Boulé does not have undergraduate members, rather men of demonstrated accomplishments are considered for membership. It counts among its members many of the best known men of national and international accomplishments from all walks of life. The Boulé has grown to over 5,000 members in nearly every state in the USA with local units known as “member Boulés.” Ongoing growth includes International member Boulés in Nassau, Bahamas and London, England.

More information on Sigma Pi Phi and its members can be found at http://www.sigmapiphi.org.

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