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    Denver, CO
  • Delta Eta Boulé Foundation

    Denver, CO
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Mission: The Delta Eta Boulé Foundation shall function to support educational for young African American men through academic and professional enrichment so that they may achieve their greatest potential.

Vision: Delta Eta Boulé Foundation will provide young African American men with increased access to higher education and professional development. Through emphasizing community stewardship and philanthropic duty as core values, the Foundation hopes that each scholar will contribute his leadership talents to the continued advancement of the larger African American community in the arts, business, education, law, government, and science.

Brief History: In 1998, the Delta Eta Boulé Foundation was incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)3 vehicle to “pay forward” the life-changing support received by Fraternity members. Since its creation, the Foundation has contributed to the betterment of local community and education organizations, as well as to national and international disaster relief efforts. The core initiative of the Foundation is its Academic Program, which consists of three focus areas, or pillars – providing our African American scholars with access to scholarships, mentorships, and internships. Over 50 merit-based scholarships have been awarded since 1998. Currently, the Foundation supports 22 scholars enrolled as full-time students. Each of these scholars has a Boulé mentor from whom they can seek academic and professional advice. Starting in 2016, the Foundation will provide scholars with opportunities to gain professional experience and build networks via summer internships. Click here to learn more about our Academic Program.

The Foundation accomplishes its philanthropic mission through fundraising events with generous support from sponsors and supporter across the Denver metropolitan area. Its signature fundraising event, known as “Denim & Dazzle,” is a unique annual gala that draws well-known area personalities together for a spectacular evening of fun. 

Past Denim & Dazzle Diamond, Platinum and Gold Sponsors_

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