Albert C. Cooper has been the CEO of ACC & Associates, LLC since March of 2007.  ACC & Associates is a minority-certified company that provides consulting, payroll, recruiting, and staffing services to F1000 companies.  
Mr. Cooper expanded his operations nationwide in 2011, securing contracts with two major technology companies, and now has consultants working in California, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Maryland.Albert Cooper

Prior to starting ACC & Associates, Mr. Cooper held a succession of management and executive management positions with Corning Inc. for over 25 years. His career with Corning included both technical and non-technical positions such as: Senior Project Manager, responsible for transferring Corning manufacturing operations to Brazil and England; Senior Product Development Engineer, working with IBM and Corning scientists to develop a new glass product which led to the creation of the bar coding technology; member of the management team that won the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for Corning Inc.; appointed Senior Quality Examiner for the New York State Governor’s Quality Award; and Sales/Marketing Manager for Corning’s Latin America/Asia Pacific Division. Mr. Cooper retired as Vice President of Training, Technology and Quality Assurance for Quanterra Environmental Services, a subsidiary of Corning.

Mr. Cooper has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from George Washington University.  He also holds a Professional Management Development Certificate from Harvard University Graduate School of Business, and is a retiree of the United States Navy.