• Delta Eta Boulé - Denver, CO
  • Delta Eta Boulé - Denver, CO
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History of the Boulé Illustration

At the dawn of the twentieth century black men of distinction had long functioned in various leadership posts, especially in the churches and benevolent association movement. Some, notably Frederick Douglass among them, had even served in high government posts. But by and large they lived lives separate from those of the black masses and the white professionals. In 1904 a small group in Philadelphia set out to create an organization that would provide a vehicle for men of standing and like tastes to come together to know the best of one another.

Delta Eta Boule History

The Boule in Denver has roots dating back to 1921. Delta Eta Boulé was chartered on May 18, 1991, with sixteen members (including Isaac Moore, a founding member of the original Alpha Lambda Boulé). The current membership consists of a diverse group of Archons who carry on the tradition of camaraderie and community service. Since 1998, when the Delta Eta Boulé Foundation was established, more than $50,000 in scholarship aid has been raised. In addition, Delta Eta has established a laudable record of community service, supporting and developing partnerships with numerous civic organizations in the community.

The Delta Eta Boulé Scholarship Program (DEB-SP) enables under-served students with financial need to achieve their greatest potential through higher education. DEB-SP is offered to those high school students residing in the Denver metropolitan area and enrolled in an accredited college.

DEB-SP believes that supporting African American scholars will enable these students to focus on their studies rather than the rising cost of tuition and expenses. The funding for each Boulé Scholar varies per year however the average award is $3,000 the first year, and an additional $1,000 per year for the next 3 years.

 Dr. Reginald Washington

 Greg Moore

 Steve White

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